Owners of Set In Stone Valdosta

Set In Stone is a third-generation stone fabricating business that is mainly driven by a passion for stone countertops. The sibling owners, Giovanni Sacco, and Teresa Sacco, have always had the stone business a part of their lives. With Italian heritage as a strong backbone of the company, the two owners take pride in their craft as they continue the family tradition.

In late 2008 we, fortunately, opened Set In Stone in Valdosta, GA. Set In Stone specializes in interior stone fabrication, the fabricating of stone slabs for countertops and other interior and exterior stone applications. We also have professional install teams to ensure the Set In Stone standard is upheld from start to finish. We order raw materials from around the globe and fabricate those materials into beautiful custom countertops and more, using our state of the art facility. Having the experience of being a third-generation business, we have learned to put the customer first. At Set In Stone, our ability to give you exactly what you want is what sets us apart from the rest.

Set In Stone has flourished and has earned its title as one of the best stone fabricators in the Southeast.